Heather Do

Research Assistant, SEED Lab

Heather is a former master's student in the Human Development and Education program at HGSE. She served as a research assistant at the Settings for Early...

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Abby Hemenway

Former Project Coordinator, SEED Lab

Abby Hemenway joined the SEED Lab in the fall of 2016 as a research assistant and project coordinator working on the Regulation-Related Skills Measure (...

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Andrew Koepp

Former Project Coordinator, SEED Lab

Andrew is a former project coordinator in the SEED Lab.  Related to his interests in the development of executive function and other regulation-...

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Jonathan Seiden

Doctoral Student, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Jonathan Seiden is a doctoral student in Education Policy and Program Evaluation. His research interests include the quantitative measurement of early... Read more about Jonathan Seiden